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Prima White offers a professional teeth whitening gel and excellent results.  Highly effective with low sensitivity and a variety of concentrations to accommodate every need. Our revolutionary water based Carbamide Peroxide makes the whitening process virtually sensitivity free. One defining feature of Prima White Bleaching Gel is that it contains no glycerin. This unique glycerin free formula is very reactive when oxidizing stains and it hydrates the teeth as it whitens. It was created by extensive scientific research and contains the highest quality ingredients required for effective teeth whitening.The high water content of the gel prevents dehydration, shade relapse and also naturally decreases sensitivity. Our convenient self-impressions trays and efficient whitening agents are designed to carry out the teeth whitening procedure at the comfort of your home while achieving professional results.

Prima White is a leader in teeth whitening and widely recommended by dentists. 

Additional features:

     * Perfect viscosity gel that won't migrate to soft tissues

     * Formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse

     * Four concentrations for treatment flexibility of 16, 22, 35 and 44% Carbamide  Peroxide

     * Pleasant mint flavor

     * Day or night wear  


Use these links for Instructions on how to use our products:

* Chooosing a Whitening Gel Concentration

* Thermo Form Trays

Using Tray-based Professional Dental Whitening Gel

* Refilling Syringes 


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