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Instructions for Refilling Dental Dispensing Syringe from Bulk Container


1) Remove plunger and tip cap from syringe barrel.

 2) Position bulk container opening into the large opening of the syringe barrel. Dispense gel from the bulk container into the syringe until nearly full (do not overfill).

 3) Replace syringe tip cap first. Then replace the syringe plunger into the syringe barrel (you may need to apply a small amount of force to push syringe plunger past one or two internal ridges (plunger stops) within the syringe.

 4) Remove syringe tip cap to release any pressure inside the syringe during the refilling process.

 5) Be sure to refrigerate your whitening gel when not in use.

 Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant or nursing women consult physician before use.

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