Teeth Bleaching System - 3 OVERSIZED SYRINGES

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Professional Dental Whitening System features the industry’s only glycerin-free, carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel. This provides high-penetration, super-fast dental whitening with low tooth sensitivity.  System contains  three oversized syringes each containing 5ml of glycerin-free, Carbamide Peroxide professional strength whitening gel (most other systems use 1.2ml or 3ml syringes),  providing 20-30 teeth whitening applications. Our syringes contain no rubberized plungers which have recently been shown to taint the whitening gel and adversely impact teeth. Also included are three (3) premium custom-moldable thermoform bleaching trays (you only need two trays but we provide you with an extra one just in case it’s needed). Dental Whitening System comes with detailed instructions to make your whitening experience a breeze to understand and a tooth shade guide to monitor your progress.

The ProWhite Dental Whitening System contains the following components:

  • Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel (Three 5ml rubber-free Syringes with Tip-Caps)
  • 3 ThermoForm Custom Moldable Bleaching Trays (2 for use and 1 extra just in case you need it)
  • Tooth Shade Guide
  • Detailed Instructions for use 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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